DIstrict Service Project 2019-2020

以“Be a Better Contributor” 為主題嘅地區服務計劃終於開鑼啦!
我哋喺(27/10)香港城市大學以Design Thinking為主軸,舉辦咗第一階段嘅活動,各扶青團員除咗親身體驗老人家於社區遊走嘅困難,亦同時了解咗佢地進食時遇到嘅問題。當然唔少得重點環節Design Thinking Workshop

Themed with “Be a Better Contributor”, District Service Project has kicked off successfully.
Stage 1 event had been held in the City University of Hong Kong at 27 Oct which focused on design thinking. Apart from experiencing as elderly in the communities, participants can learn about the difficulty in the consumption of food of the elderly. Additionally, a design thinking workshop was conducted to brainstorm service for the elderly. 💡
Thank you for joining the event and making it fruitful.🤜🏻🤛🏻