District Conference 2019-2020: wE E-quip, wE connEcted

相信大家喺幾場清談節目當中學到唔少新知識,喺各個健康/運動挑戰中令大家活出更健康人生,亦都了解唔同地區今年度所舉行嘅唔同活動。我哋相信透過今次扶青地區會議唔同網上嘅活動,令大家可以做到「wE E-quip, wE connEcted」。不論未來如何,我哋都要不斷裝備自己,迎接未知嘅挑戰!

We believe all of you have learned a lot of new knowledge in several talk shows, got a healthier life via various health and fitness challenges, and also glimpsed different activities held in other districts in this Rotary Year. We believe that through the online activities on the Rotaract District Conference this year, we can make everyone “wE E-quip, wE connEcted”. Regardless of the future, we must constantly equip ourselves to meet unknown challenges!

Talk Shows

Health Challenges

Rotaract Overseas Events

Interactive Games