地區服務計劃 - District Service Project

    Date: 22nd January, 2017

    本年度地區服務計劃(DSP) 第二階段嘅新年派對係1月22日完滿結束,亦都為今年嘅DSP「義次創作」畫上句號。 當日有超過140位嚟至新家園、基督教家庭服務中心嘅小朋友、扶輪社社友同埋扶青團團員參與,當日進行左多個遊戲仲一同分享素菜小食 ,又好玩又環保!



    Thank you for your support to Rotaract District Service Project - Rocreator. We had a fun and meaningful Chinese New Year party with children from New Home Association and Christian Family Service Centre on 22nd January, 2017 (Sunday). More than 140 children, their family members and Rotaractors participated in the party.

    Other than having joyful games with eco-topics, we ordered vegetarian food so as to be more environmentally friendly. Besides, we rented reusable tableware instead of using plastic plates and forks. Over 100 stationery items and toys collected from our friendly Rotaractors had been donated to the two centres for the children.

    For the most exciting moment of the event, participants were altogether to set up a huge domino structure with different parts. It represented that we would achieve a great success if everyone could work together. We would like to invite everyone to make their greatest effort to protect our mother Earth like what we did.

    We would like to thank you all the parties and donors involved in this service project. The project would not be successful without your support.

    聯席團長會議暨團年飯 - Joint Presidents' Meeting cum Reunion Dinner

    Date: 13th January, 2017



    Thank you all for attending the 7th Joint Presidents' Meeting cum Reunion Dinner. Wishing you all a new year filled with joy, health and happiness!

    地區扶青籃球比賽 - 扶青當入樽 Rotaract Dunk

    Date: 23rd October, 2016

    地區扶青籃球比賽 - 扶青當入樽已經係2016年10月23日係香港公開大學完滿結束,多謝曬各個扶青團參與是次賽事,希望當日咁多位參賽健兒以及觀眾都打得開心、睇得過癮!

    District fellowship event, Rotaract Dunk was successfully held on 23rd October,2016 at The Open University of Hong Kong. We had 8 teams and more than 100 basketball team players in total. Thank you all Rotarians, Rotarators and friends, who made the event a successful one and hope you all enjoy the matches.

    Special thanks to our photographers, Timothy from RAC HKCN and Cyrio from RAC Victoria. Photo link:

    RotaMac Go! cum 3rd Joint Presidents' Meeting

    Date: 25th September, 2016

    好多謝香港同澳門嘅Rotaractor參與於25號舉行嘅 RotaMac Go! cum 3rd JPM 除咗下晝喺澳門市內遊歷不同景點外,晚上亦於聖公會蔡高中學(澳門)舉行我哋第三次Joint Presidents' Meeting,聚首一堂。 馬上送上各小組影片以及活動盛況!

    Thank you Rotaractors from Hong Kong and Macau participated in this event. We traveled around the Macau city and visited many touristic spots in the afternoon. The last station of the city hunt was Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School (Macau), where we held our 3rd Joint Presidents’ Meeting.

    Photo and Video link:
    Playlist name: RotaMac Go! cum 3rd Joint Presidents' Meeting

    District Rotaract Awards Presentation Ceremony 2015-2016 cum District Rotaract Installation 2016-2017

    Date: 31st July, 2016

    Thanks for support at District Rotaract Awards Presentation Ceremony 2015-2016 cum District Rotaract Installation 2016-2017!

    The captioned event was successfully held on 31st July, 2016 (Sunday), at Lecture Hall 1, Yasumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. There were over 300 participants joining, including Rotary leaders, Rotarians, Rotaract Advisors, representatives from different institutes, as well as fellow Rotaractors.

    With the love and support from you all, we have faith and confidence in devoting ourselves to Rotaract, achieving the motto “To Serve, To Learn, To Lead”. Let’s enjoy this year together.

    District Leadership Training Meeting

    Date: 19th June, 2016

    District Leadership Training Meeting (DLTM) aims to enhance the leadership skills and team building of incoming board members of both university-based and community-based Rotaract clubs.

    Programme of DLTM 15-16 involved a free-flow workshop, president-elects session and challenging mass tasks. Through the one-day programme, participants could understand more about their own leadership styles, and learn about different techniques and attitudes about balancing life.

    The workshops offered 9 different sessions led by experienced Rotaract leaders in our District. The topics captured common challenges faced by leaders in a team, which gave insights to Rotaractors to deal with their situations in term of office and their life.

    President-Elects to experience challenges on their own during PE session. Through the tasks, they reflected different characters of team, cooperating with each other and improved communication skills. They also got chances to discuss club and district issues with Incoming DRR Lok-chi.

    Other participants were given a list of tasks to complete and gain more than 3450 points. They were divided into different teams with the same goal. Participants entered different classrooms and experienced tasks to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills.

    District Conference cum 12th Joint Presidents' Meeting

    Date: 5th June, 2016

    District Conference gives Rotaractors throughout the district a chance to congregate and celebrate the year’s successes. The conference also provides a platform to highlight the RI theme and correlates it to the clubs’ projects by focusing on fellowship, promoting community service, increasing international understanding and enhancing professional development in a context of friendship and camaraderie. It recognises service programmes, projects and public relation achievements in the district. It also provides opportunities for networking, inspirational addresses and discussion of Rotaract-related issues. Meanwhile it is a good timing for Rotaractors to exchange information and ideas, evaluating completed projects, planning for new strategies for club activities, sustainability and future development. The event also provides a memorable experience of fellowship.

    World Rotaract Week

    Date: 6th March, 2016

    On 6th March 2016, over 1500 Rotary family members came and joined the ‘Rotaract Loves Peace Music Festival’ at West Kowloon Cultural District. There were performance of Rotaractors and local artists to promote Love and Peace. Handicraft Market was set next to the main stage to support local cultural and creative industry.

    On 13th March 2016, we celebrated the 48th birthday of Rotaract at Mongkok Pedestrian Zone and promoted Rotaract to the public, as well as setting up a message board for wishes to Rotaract’s birthday and ‘Love and Peace’.

    We were honored to have District Governor Peter Pang, District Peace Program Chair Wilson Cheng, Youth Service Committee Chair Past District Governor Eugene Fong, District Rotaract Chair Francis Au and fellow Rotary family members shared the memorial moments with us. We would also like to thank for the great efforts of organizing committee members on WRW 2015-2016.

    The unforgettable moments of World Rotaract Week 2015-2016 have been uploaded on our Facebook page and Instagram , more photos can be found via hashtag (#青樂潮).

    District Service Project

    Date: 20th February, 2016

    It aimed to promote social harmony between the disabled and the abled by enhancing Rotaractors and participants' understanding to the disabled. Partnering with Direction Association for the Handicapped, the project included a workshop and a walkathon.

    Participants experienced daily life of disabled people in wheelchairs, including public transport access, shopping and having meals. Many participants revealed that the tasks were more challenging than their own expectations.

    The fund-raising walkathon was held the week after. Participants faced different levels of physically-challenged situations during the 3km walk along Shing Mun River in Sha Tin. More than HK$100,000 was raised for the beneficiary organization to improve their supporting service to their members.

    Some Rotaractors registered themselves as volunteers for the Association after the project.

    First Step to Rotaract

    Date: 24th January, 2016

    First Step To Rotaract 2015-2016 came to a satisfactory close. Orientation Day was held in Sassoon Road Assembly Hall, The University of Hong Kong on 24th January 2016, the coldest day since 1957, to provide fellowship programmes, team-building activities, and training sessions for the incoming club officers.

    District Governor Peter Pang, Youth Service Committee Chair PDG Eugene Fong, Incoming Youth Service Committee Chair Hubert Chan, District Rotaract Chair Francis Au and Incoming District Rotaract Chair Garrick Tang attended and showed immeasurable support from Rotary. Following the kick-off ceremony, PDG Eugene and DRC Francis introduced the background and development of Rotary and the relationship between Rotary and Rotaract respectively. District Rotaract Representative Lim-yan Tam and Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative Jessica Wo delivered Rotaract knowledge to participants as well. Then, participants were divided into groups and led by facilitators to undergo ice-breaking and team-building tasks. Throughout the day, not only did participants learn a lot Rotary and Rotaract knowledge, but they also made friends with the other Rotaractors from different clubs. These laid a good foundation for their Rotaract life and started their 「我」的扶青時代, which was the theme of First Step To Rotaract this year.

    One week later, Training Camp was held in Po Leung Kuk–Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp on 30th to 31st January 2016. This peaceful and sunny weekend commenced with “City Walking” in Yuen Long, at which the groups proceeded towards several checkpoints to complete tasks and reach “Faith”, “Sharing”, “Team spirit” and “Responsibility” – essential elements for a committee or a club. After that, the groups headed the campsite – “My” Rotarland – and carried out checkpoint tasks related to roles and responsibilities of club officers. Together with the debriefing held by facilitators, participants learnt more about their own positions as well as others’ positions, which built mutual understanding and tolerance among a committee. Furthermore, participants experienced night walk to train up self-confidence and make a breakthrough.

    On the next day, there were four battle tasks to test the tacit understanding and the division of labour among a group. Each group strived for excellence in the contests of wits and strength. The winning groups were given prizes in the closing ceremony. Chairman of First Step To Rotaract 2015-2016 Kenneth Chan reminded participants in his closing remarks that the end of this event meant the start of their Rotaract era. It was hoped that Organising Committee members, helpers, cameramen, facilitators and participants enjoyed the event, gained the advantage and brought it to the club and to District Rotaract.

    Rotaract Cup Football Competition

    Date: 29th November, 2015

    Rotaract Cup Football Competition had been successfully held on 29th November, 2015 (Sunday). Six teams formed by more than 70 Rotaractors, ex-Rotaractors and Rotarians participated in football matches to contend for the championship. DG Peter Pang and his spouse Katherine Pang, PDG Eugene Fong, as well as Rotaractors and friends from different Rotaract clubs came to support and cheer for players.

    Other than the football matches (Gold Cup and Silver Cup), prizes were also given to the Best Costume, Best Goal, Best Goalkeeper, Best Player, and the winners of four challenging games including “Control of the Ball”, “12-yard Penalty Shoot-out”, “Obstacle Dribble” and "Slam Dunk Football".

    Throughout the event, participants not only built sense of belongings to his/her own club and Rotaract, but also got to know more about each other and interact with other clubs. "Fellowship" is an important element in Rotary and Rotaract that we believe service is based on fellowship while we can gain fellowship through service. Hope all the participants enjoyed the day which was full of sweats and laughters.

    Macultural Tour cum 4th Joint Presidents' Meeting

    Date: 17th October, 2015

    Macultural Tour cum 4th Joint Presidents’ Meeting (JPM) was successfully held on 17th October, 2015 (Saturday). On behalf of the District Rotaract Committee and Rotaract Executive Committee, I would like to thank everyone of you for the support.

    It was a memorable weekend with more than 100 Rotaractors participating in the Tour and JPM. We hope that you have enjoyed the time spending with other Rotaractors, building friendship with friends from Macao while the tour also enhanced your understanding towards Macao, our neighborhood region.

    Blood Donation Day

    Date: 14th Ocotober, 2015

    Rotaract month

    Date: September 2015 - November 2015

    Rotaract Month is a newly introduced programme this year, which aims at enhancing the interaction between Rotary and Rotaract.

    Rotaractors were invited to join Rotary club meetings to share their hobbies, professionals or any other interesting experience with fellow Rotarians. It was planned to be a one-month programme in September, but, with the enthusiasm from Rotary clubs, it had been extended to November.

    More than 30 Rotary clubs showed support and there were altogether 29 sharing sessions successfully held in Hong Kong and Macao.

    District Rotaract Awards Presentation Ceremony 2014-2015 cum District Rotaract Installation 2015-2016

    Date: 16th August, 2015

    The captioned event was successfully held on 16th August, 2015 (Sunday), at Charles Kao K. Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park. There were over 330 participants joining, including Rotary leaders, Rotarians, Rotaract Advisors, representatives from different institutes, as well as fellow Rotaractors.

    We were honoured to have the presence of DG Peter Pang, PDG Anthony Hung, Immediate Past Youth Service Committee Chair PDG Peter Wong, PDG Ada Cheng, Youth Service Committee Chair PDG Eugene Fong, DGE Eric Chin, DRC Francis Au and IPDRC Eddie Leung at the occasion to welcome new officers of District Rotaract Committee and Rotaract Executive Committee, as well as all Rotaract clubs in our district.

    Outstanding projects and Rotaractors of Rotary year 2014-2015 were also recognized at the District Rotaract Awards Presentation Ceremony 2014-2015. Congratulations to all the awardees for their achievement and outstanding projects in Rotary year 2014-2015. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all Rotary leaders, Rotarians and Rotaract Advisors for the guidance as well as all club officers for the effort in the past year.

    With the love and support from you all, we have faith and confidence in devoting ourselves to Rotaract, achieving the motto “To Serve, To Learn, To Lead”. We will be altogether in the coming year. Let’s meet again in upcoming events and enjoy the fruitful new year ahead!

    Lastly, we are grateful to all helpers for their preparation and contribution to the Day.